Friday, August 31, 2012

Luna Maya Threatened Drop Out

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Actress Luna Maya is still listed as a University student Langlangbuana (Unla) Bandung. Luna threatened expelled from college, if found guilty in the case of a porn video with Irham Nazriel aka Ariel. On campus, the artist from Bali was a student of Faculty of Law Unla since 2008. Luna recorded in nonreguler class or classes of employees referred.

"She's still listed as a student. But we're part of the campus had not yet decided on a case that happened to her attitude. We're still waiting for legal certainty whether he is guilty or not," said Dean of the Faculty of Law Unla Atma Suganda when found Friday (07/16/2010).

Ariel circulation of a video nasty post-Luna, Unla immediately formed a special team to address the problem that one of his students. The four-member team from the internal Unla. Atma is a member of the team, while three others is the provost. "The formation of this team have the decision letter from the chancellor," he said.

He asserted, the new campus will take decisive action, even issuing Luna, if found guilty and sentenced to court.

"To impose sanctions, must be seen once how big mistake. If today's legal process is still running, yet the final result," he said.

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