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Astrid Tiar

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Astrid Tiar, foto artis indonesia,Astrid Tiar is a beautiful girl and a high figure. His appearance was such that women generally tend to feminine, Astrid even better known as a tomboyish girl.

However, instead of Astrid's where his career began. It's the tomboy look, making her sister gemes and intend to change the style and appearance of her beloved brother like women in general. Look pretty and feminine.

Astrid Tiar, foto artis indonesia
Astrid Tiar, foto artis indonesia

Secretly, her sister Astrid in the race include the Cover Girls. All documents sent to the brother of the magazine in 2000. Not unexpectedly, her sister was selected as a finalist. Got a surprise that, Astrid did not ignore it. A number of challenges for the finalists was doing. The result, Astrid out as a champion I Cover Girl.

Since then, Astrid began his career in the entertainment world. Armed with the Cover Girl title, he became active and often acts as a figure of teen models. Stands as a model in the magazine became not foreign to the girl was born July 12, 1986.

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Astrid Tiar

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