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Beautiful Raline Shah

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Raline Shah, yes artist who suddenly famous after starring in a new movie 5cm was indeed once been the world's big screen. However, a beautiful face and sweet of Shah Raline making her now 27-year-old has a career that is expected to continue to climb seetelah success with films 5cm. Previous Ranile sebdiri Shah is the girl dropout event Puteri Indonesia in 2008 ago, even Raline Shah elected as Favorite Daughter in the prestigious beauty event in Indonesia.
Shah is a new Raline seklali plunge in movie theaters, but not before Ranile Shah himself was already in the world enteraiment with a host of a cooking show hosted by Global TV. Apart from that Raline Shah also lined up a few times to be bindang advertising beauty products. Not only beautiful and sweet Raline Shah has mempuni education, flawed as Raline Shah graduated from the National University of Singapore.
XL, Pond's, Vitalong C, UOB, Nivea and Phillips and Skinz is a product that never recovered Raline Shah as a model for their commercials. Do not stop there Raline Shah career in entertainment. Dar has a gorgeous sweet smile that could also double as a model video klib band. Supernova Bands and Musicians Anji x Raline Shah Drive never made a model of video clips in their song entitled Stop You and Too longing.

Name: Raline Shah
Born: March 4, 1985
Age: 27 Years
Occupation: actress, model
Years active: 2008 - present

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