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Millane Fernandez Amazing Photos

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..Millane Fernandez (born in Jakarta, July 23, 1986, age 26 years) is an Indonesian actor. He is the younger brother of VJ Hunt 2006 finalist, Nino Fernandez is now often a guest VJ on MTV Indonesia, and has also starred in the horror film Casablanca Tunnel.

Millane was born in Jakarta in 1986 and in 1998 his family moved to Germany. There, he entered in the German music industry as a singer. Already there are at least three singles he put out, among others, Boom Boom and I Miss You (Dam Dubi Dubi). In addition, Millane also represented Germany in the Eurovision contest Grand Prix in 2001, a European scale musical contest.
The return of his brother, Nino, to Indonesia last year and his experience following the MTV VJ Hunt 2006 made Millane also keen to return to Indonesia. In Indonesia, Millane recently stayed for three months, and his participation in the MTV VJ Hunt 2007 also constitute an act of "fad" only.

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