Friday, September 14, 2012

Audy look her Underwear

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Audy many reportedly close to a guy, let alone after parting with Tyo. Enno Netral Drummer, Didi Element, Gary Isaac, driver Rifat Sungkar, actor Junot, Christian Sugiono and singer Ariel Peterpan, once associated with women that it is still his own. Although still single, at home, it does not mean there is no activity Audy. Besides busy with the show off air and on water, he is now preparing her comeback album after a long vacuum. Recording process has been completed, and now the middle in the process of mixing and mastering.

This time Audy seen her hot underwear. With a miniskirt, who sat looking her underwear. Check this out..

audy, Underwear, Foto Artis,

audy, Underwear, Foto Artis,

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