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Aura Kasih Sexy White Dress

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Aura Kasih, Aura, foto artis indonesia,  Artis Indonesia,
Aura Kasih, Aura, foto artis indonesia,  Artis Indonesia, Sanny Aura Syahrani or better known as singer Aura Kasih is a newcomer in Indonesian music scene. Dara was born in Bandung, February 23, 1988 released her first album, ANGELS teaser in the year 2008. Miss Indonesia 2007 finalists represent the province of Lampung favor songs on her first album Let Love. The song is known for its singles dance-hall.

Beginning in 2010, became the beginning of the less pleasant for Aura Kasih. Absent from the schedule due to a gig in Makassar on January 15, finally the event organizer, Debindo Makassar will demand it with a large enough value, ie, Rp2, 26 billion. According to the management, then Aura is going to go to Makassar, but because there is a problem with his girlfriend, Kiki Haryanto, making it not so depart. Until now, the management did not know the existence of Aura.

Foto Artis Indonesia Aura Kasih

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