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Tika Putri Bikini

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Tika Putri, indonesia bikini, sexy bikini, Foto Artis,
Tika Putri has decided to show us her bikini body. She went to photo studio and now you guys can enjoy the pictures. because Tika Putri will definitely be worth the look!

As one of Indonesia's young stars on the rise, bikini photos of this Tika Putri cash just become a public concern because the artist cast in the film Jagad X Code is included Indonesian artist who has a beautiful face. Some people even surprise, it Tika also has a sexy body. Naturally, if the artist who was born in Bandung, 1 November 1989.She has a sexy body, because She was fond of and good at dancing salsa.

To Tika Putri bikini pictures, have not been able to know where the shot. The purpose of these photographs are also not known with certainty whether for a product or advertising these photos solely for private collections Tika. So far, virtually deserted Tika of Gossip. Love story soap star Air Mata Cinta also not too exposed surface. But overall, it becomes Tika presence of new flavor in the world of Indonesian entertainment. Hopefully,Bikini Photo of Tika Putri not make it abandoned by loyal fans.

Tika Putri, indonesia bikini, sexy bikini, Foto Artis,
Tika Putri, indonesia bikini, sexy bikini, Foto Artis,

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