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Tantri Kotak

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Tantri Kotak, indonesian band, band, Foto Artis,Tantri Kotak. "I refused to drink really cold water," said the girl was named the original Tantristalindri in Kebon Jeruk, Tuesday (19 / 1) night.

The reason is, cold water can speed Tantri inflammation of the throat exposed. "Especially if I'm more tired of plus and drink cold water so the effect is my recurrent strep throat," he continued.

Chanter song 'Action' is also said that he was difficult to exercise. "I was told to exercise if a little difficult, but if cigarettes and coffee I do not eat," he said.

In addition to abstinence consume cold water, apparently Tantri also consult with the band vocalist Gigi, Armand Maulana. "I often consult each kang Arman, he solutions that until now I eight hours of sleep a day. So the difference if a gig out of children in the street I went straight to bed," she said with a smile.

Tantri also claimed to have lost his voice, but it can be overcome. "The way it's been drinking warm water, eight-hour rest and eat and Praise my voice back," she closed.

Tantri Kotak, indonesian band, band, Foto Artis

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