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Kiki Amalia

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Kiki Amalia with her sexy Lingerie.

Kiki Amalia, foto artis

Kiki Amalia
(born in Jakarta, 26 November 1981; age 28 years) is a model and soap opera and movie player Indonesia. Kiki's career started in the world of model selection Aneka Cover Girl Magazine in 1995. Kiki had even posed for FHM magazine. Before entering into the world of soaps, face the winner of Femina in 2000 was once starred in various television commercials. Some soap operas starring Kiki ever include Legend Mystery, wewe Gombel, Bule Betawi, Jodoh Are Stupid, Boy Wonder, as well as soap Hidayah Islamic religious and Divine Secrets. D3 graduate of the London School Business Management was also once starred in the Earth Chain.

Kiki Amalia, foto artis

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